a cheap DIY-ish gift idea

I called this DIY-ish because it requires only a minimal amount of crafting and a little online ordering savvy. I stumbled upon this fabulous little blog and, more specifically, her tutorial for a Fathers Day Magnet Board.

I completed my own version of the magnet board for under $25.

I skipped the adorable sticker she provided, and instead chose to just decoupage some paper I found at Michael’s on the smaller sized mighty magnetic board found at The Container Store for a whopping $4.99.

I ordered one sleeve (9 magnets) of my Instagram pictures from StickyGrams for $14.99 to decorate the magnet board and the intention is to hang it in his office. The magnetic board holds about 5 pictures, so he’ll be able to interchange them if he ever gets the urge. That or I’ll steal the rest to decorate our fridge.

I’m pretty new on the Instagram bandwagon, but my username is the same as my Twitter handle, becs1017, so if you’re that amped about seeing more pics of my family, go follow me there. Fortunately, almost all of the pictures I’ve taken with the app are of Jason and Carter, or just of Carter, which fits the Fathers Day theme quite nicely.

You could obviously give this to any sort of family member that likes to look at pictures of you and your family.

Hope all the daddy’s out there have a fantastic Fathers Day!

Jason, I promise your day will be filled with lots of monster daddy hugs, your choice of breakfast as long as it’s pancakes or french toast and minimal complaining about being tired. We love everything you do for us and think you are one amazing (-ly hot…) father.


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