a fresh start to the week

Ah, Monday.

Today C and I are being super lazy and recovering from a trip home from Virginia yesterday that involved 90 minutes of solid screaming, another 90 minutes of sporadic crying and general unhappiness, a severely cracked cell phone screen and torrential downpours. To say it was a stressful drive is putting it way mildly.

Needless to say, after two days of no napping, we put the source of my massive headache to bed by 6:30pm. There are some days where I am so happy to finally kiss those cheeks night night that I can’t begin to put that happiness into words. Last night, I cried. That’s how relieved I was.

We all have those days, I suppose.

We had trekked up to my hometown on Saturday morning for my niece’s 5th birthday party. It was a costume party, and while we were surrounded by pretty princesses, the prettiest of all had to be my Miss Olivia. I’ve never seen in Cinderella look more beautiful…

a beautiful 5 yr old Cinderella

There were crafts for the kids that made Pinterest very proud, a taco bar and more Mexican dips than should be allowed in one house.

My best friend and I weren’t about to show up to the shindig under dressed, so we sported some awesome Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes.

Mickey and Minnie

My handsome boys obviously joined in on the fun, too.

C and J

That lion costume from Target has gotten worn at least 5x now, and even though it was too short in the legs and arms and the zipper busted mid-party, he still looked adorable. J’s scrubs were only a slightly painful reminder of my c-section, but I have to admit, he gives McDreamy a run for his money.

After a weekend of party food, takeout Chinese and way too many Girl Scout cookies for one person to ever consume in 24 hours, I decided to get my week started this morning with a delicious fruit smoothie.

I sometimes associate “smoothie” with “way too much work for breakfast.” In all honesty, it’s not really that much work to throw a bunch of crap in a blender and mix it up. I made this for breakfast this morning in less than 5 minutes…

Does it look gross? Absolutely.

Does it taste amazing? You bet.

Here’s the recipe I used:

1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 banana
1 Dannon Oikos strawberry Greek yogurt
1 cup orange juice
a few shakes of the bag of frozen spinach
1/3 cup (approx) of milk
a few ice cubes

Blend it up and share half with your significant other/child or store it in the fridge for later/breakfast tomorrow. Carter loves smoothies and responds to every drink/bite with an extra enthusiastic “mmmmm!”

The spinach is what makes it look so nasty, but I promise you can’t even taste it. All you taste is fruity goodness, and you’ve managed to get a serving of veggies in before 9am (or 8am in my case…).

Feel free to mix up the fruit a little bit or add more greens. Add pineapple, mandarin orange or spinach leaves. My husband likes to mix in protein powder to his for an extra boost of protein.

How do you make your smoothies at home? What are your go-to’s for a quick, healthy breakfast?


  1. Love green smoothies :) I like to mix in some Kale but spinach is an easier option for sure.

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