I recently hung up my stay-at-home mom crown and headed back to corporate America where my pendulum swings back and forth between my desire to rule the world in my high heels and my desire to curl up with my son and watch Despicable Me for the 980,952,547th time in the middle of the morning in yoga pants. Every day that ends in “y” is different.

I have two little ones; an energetic, creative and high-spirited son and a sassy, tough-as-nails daughter with a super dramatic side that she gets 100% from me. I have a husband who loves me despite my level of crazy and most of the time laughs at my jokes even when they aren’t funny. He also isn’t judgy about the amount of wine I drink, an important quality for anyone with whom I chose to spend all my “free time” with.

I love seeing my son smile, sarcasm, eating massive plates of sushi, buying my daughter shoes, rambling about nothing, discovering new passions and laughing so hard I cry. I likes to-do lists (all kinds of lists actually, including the one on my DVR), singing loudly in the car, the feeling you get after a long run, wrestling with my nephew and bad reality television. I find pleasure in buying fun jewelry, lusting after high fashion I can’t afford, wishing Nicole Richie¬†was my friend, my attempts at interior decorating, and hearing my niece laugh.

I really despise the cold, rude people, feeling overwhelmed, having to make decisions and peanut butter.

This blog is a place for me to share my chaotic and unexpected adventures in parenting…sprinkled on top with all my other interests, loves and passions. It’s also a place for me to document the stories that make up my kid’s childhoods so that they always and forever have a place to come back to and read all about the amazing, destructive and insane things they do.

And of course, to always remember how much their mom loved them from the very minute she laid eyes on them!

I hope to make you smile, comment on how cute my kids are and, at least once, make you feel like you aren’t the only one struggling through this craziness.

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