it’s a…


We’re having a daughter!

Carter’s getting a little sister to terrorize and protect forever and ever and ever.

I’m getting a baby girl to dress up and teach all sorts of things to like how to be a strong, smart woman and not take any bullshit from anybody.

Jason gets to show me how a father should treat his daughter her entire life, not just for the first 14 years, and gets my full permission to fall in love with another girl.

We’re over the moon excited!

Let the name debating and baby clothes shopping commence!!

Mommies with daughters…tell me what I should be most excited about!

so there we are

Hi there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Remember back in early November when I promised to write every day for a month? That went the same direction as most diets I partake in, my last relationship before my husband and any attempts to get myself on a schedule with housework. Starts off strong, has so much potential, and then, POOF! Nothing.


I apologize to any one who got really excited to hear from me more often. I’m really bad at committing to things. I’m sometimes flaky and very, very distracted.

I considered shutting down my blog. I would think of posts that people would find interesting, amusing, informative and/or funny and then direct my attention to something else so that I wouldn’t have time to write.

I was purposely avoiding my little blog here in an effort to maintain my sanity while juggling a part-time job that has somehow gotten increasingly more demanding, a full-time 15-month old that has also gotten increasingly more demanding, a holiday season that gets more demanding every year and baking another baby.

Say what?! Yep, then that happened. We found out we were expecting again!

I won’t say that this pregnancy was unexpected, but it’s still a little shocking when plans become reality. When something you spent awhile talking about becomes something you are now experiencing.

So now I’m pregnant, and I can’t help but think, given the state of my first pregnancy, how helpful and amusing (and, let’s be honest, super sarcastic…) some posts may be on being preggo with a toddler and juggling two children on top of my own personal craziness.

So there we are! While my posts were sparse my nausea certainly wasn’t.

Welcome to round 2!

i’m up for the challenge


My little blog bounces all over the place topic-wise, doesn’t it? One day I’m sharing pics of my kid, the next I’m pissed about someone’s stupid comments about my baby weight. A lot of days I complained about being pregnant, and nowadays I have more than enough toddler-oddities to bitch about – on top of the obvious joys of being a mother.

Because let’s face it, there aren’t too many things more awesome than looking at a child that you birthed yourself and seeing them slowly grow into a walking, talking little human.

There also aren’t a lot of things more daunting than not screwing up that walking, talking little human.

The last several years of my life have been completely unexpected, and it’s been fun to document some of the unplanned chaos with you. I’ve always wanted to blog more regularly, and I have a huge list of things I come up with in my head when I’m having internal conversations with myself (what, am I the only one that does that?).

This month, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo. It’s a mouthful, huh? The challenge is to blog every day for the month of November. I missed the boat on the 1st of the month, but I DID post on the 31st of October, so I’m going to give myself a pass. Hopefully this will inspire me to start posting on a more frequent basis and give me a chance to see what kinds of topics really connect with you guys.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re going to be hearing a lot from me over the next several weeks!

If this makes you run away and unsubscribe, I completely understand, as I get tired of hearing me speak, too, and I mean, how long will you really find me funny if you’re reading from me every. single. day.

But I’m doing it! I’m doing it and you will laugh and smile and comment and love every second of it along with me!

Speaking of comments – I have gotten a few DMs on Twitter about my email address. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments at I love reading comments and DMs, and will love reading emails just as much.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride. I’m really looking forward to it!

Anyone else participating in NaBloPoMo? If so, let me know your blog so I can keep up with you, too!

love and other updates

Along with billions of people around the world, I swooned over the royal wedding on Friday…full on wake up at 5am and stay glued to my couch until the balcony kiss-type swoon. I remembered my wedding day and remembered feeling just like a princess. Imagine actually becoming a princess on your wedding day!

This post on the queen this afternoon had me swooning all over again.

But what really has me swooning these days is this… [Read more…]

and baby makes three

When we last met, I was a frustrated pregnant woman who desperately wanted to get that baby out and get my body back to some sense of normalcy. Three weeks and one long labor later, I am realizing that ‘normal’ no longer means the same thing it used to, and obtaining normalcy is more appropriate as a long term goal than a short term one. Long term as in maybe next year, or five years.

I now fully realize that life, like my boobs, will never, ever be the same again.

On September 2nd at 4:34pm, J and I welcomed Carter Thomas into the world via non-emergency c-section.

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i love birthdays!

Today is my Laura’s birthday!

I was planning my Facebook wall attack yesterday when I remembered she has no Facebook wall. That makes two of my best friends with no visible Facebook wall. TWO. I won’t mention names, coughlauraandsabrinacough, but seriously, ladies, what gives?

While blogging isn’t really up her alley, she admits to reading mine from time to time (at least that’s what she tells me…) So naturally she’s getting a blog birthday shout-out! Let me tell you about my friend, Laura…

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it’s a…

little boy bunny masklittle boy snowlittle boy sleeping


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we’re (un)expecting!

So after four short, wonderful months of marriage, I am happy to announce that J and I are expecting a baby-Reed in early September! Being pregnant has been a whirlwind. Yes, already. Emotions have been outta’ control. Excited one day, terrified the next.

To start, I’ll address the obvious. The new blog layout. I’ve wanted to get serious about blogging for a while now but as my sporadic brain would have it, I could never think of a theme of topics to consistently write about. For months I blogged about my wedding, photography, fashion, my thirst for knowledge and random life rants. All these things had one thing in common, I loved talking about them. Me, and probably only me.

Little known fact: writing has been a passion of mine for a while. An untapped passion because, until I began blogging, I only wrote when I spilled my emotions to friends and family in sappy cards and notes. I’ve dreamed about being a writer for, well, ever. Not only have I done nothing to improve my skills, but I’ve done nothing to even take a step towards realizing that dream.

Here’s that step! [Read more…]