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Over the weekend, J and I took Carter around town with us and we went grocery shopping together. It’s not something we usually do as a family, primarily because our time as a threesome is very limited with my work schedule, but also because who wants to spend an entire weekend afternoon spending money on actual necessities?

I saw a few men out and about with their kids sans-mommy and couldn’t help but notice the “diaper bags” they were carrying with them, most especially the bright Vera Bradley-pattern that one unfortunate daddy was lugging around.

This post on MomFinds circled me back to what I noticed over the weekend. Dads have a wide array of methods for transporting diaper supplies when they are out without the convenience of mom’s diaper bag.

Jason takes the separate bag I keep inside my large diaper bag that holds changing supplies (extra diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a changing pad) and keeps that in the car with him when he has Carter by himself. I’m not sure what he’d do in the event that C needed to change clothes or got a cut/scrape that needed some minor first aid. There’s no room for snacks in my smaller bag, either, so I don’t think he has those on hand for meltdowns.

He’s never complained, but then again, I’m not sure if he’s ever been out long enough without me to warrant needing the back-up supplies I never leave the house without, and I don’t know if he’d admit it if he did.

Does your husband carry a daddy diaper bag?

MomFinds has a whole page listing various styles for dads, but between the prices and the fact that J would never wear any sort of fanny pack, nothing there would fit the bill for our family.

Petunia Pickle Bottom just released some new bags for dad that I actually really like! The Satellite Sling looks like the perfect size for J and I could actually see him lugging it around.

petunia pickle bottom satellite sling

Unfortunately, it’s $99, and I think it took an act of Congress to get J to drop $150 on my diaper bag that I carry around with me everywhere. I could hardly see him thinking that’s a good use of the money (and with all the awesome maternity and baby girl clothes out there, I would have to agree with him)!

I did find two options from ThirtyOne Gifts that are a little more affordable:

cross and fold tote - 31gifts

Cross and Fold Tote – $60

organizing shoulder bag - 31gifts

Organizing Shoulder Bag – $42

I might have just found a practical Father’s Day gift!

What does your man do when out and about with the children alone? Any other reasonably priced recommendations for daddy diaper bags?


  1. I usually just send him with an abbreviated diaper bag – aka the thermal lunch tote with two diapers, wipes, and table toppers. He didn’t like the diaper bag I picked out for the kid (even though I thought it had a bit of Metro-Camoflauge feel to it), so he’s happy with a grocery sack if that’s what he can find. :)

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