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I thought “favorite things Friday” might be a fun way to share all the things I obsess over on a weekly basis. Being indecisive and insanely easy to distract, my “obsessions” change with the temperature outside. On top of that, I’m pregnant, so cue hormonal mood swings, and you have a nice cocktail of random things you might find interesting, too!

(and this is the closest I get to a real cocktail for a long time…)

1. The Honest Company

I am still planning on writing a full review on The Honest Company, but for now, read this blogger’s review and suffice it to say that I have been really pleased! It’s no secret that I love me some Jessica Alba, but her newest brain child, along with co-founder Christopher Gavigan, is really something for her to be proud of.

honest diapered butt

The diapers not only have adorable designs, but are plant-based and chemical free.

It may come as a shock to many of you, but J and I are considering the switch to cloth diapers for the remainder of C’s diapering days and as we expect a new little one. For cost reasons, yes, but also because it makes me cringe to think of all the nasty chemicals in our diapers touching my baby’s delicate skin.

While these diapers have increased our monthly diaper budget by $20 (a monthly subscription is $80), and I’ve yet to rely on them overnight, since C pees a ton and they leaked both times we tried them, they have made my conscious feel a lot better.

And did I mention that they are ah-dorable?! Pirate skulls, plaid and nautical anchors all look super cute on my son.

The accompanying wipes are cloth-like and soft, and currently come free with the diaper bundle. I have them in C’s room and in our car – because let’s be honest, with kids you use wipes all the time!

Their home products in the Family Essentials Bundle are pretty awesome, too! The hand soap, healing balm, lotion and laundry detergent have been huge hits here, and this month we are trying the hand sanitizer, bubble bath, multi-purpose cleaner and dish soap.

They all have a sweet scent and stand by the brand principals of being made with high-quality, all-natural, organic ingredients. Everything’s made in the US and there is no animal-testing. Read more about what the company stands for here.

The company runs on a monthly subscription service which means they get delivered right to your door. The Diaper Bundle is $79.95 and the Family Essentials Bundle, which comes with 5 products of your choice, is $39.95.

The pretty packaging and branding doesn’t hurt, either!

2. Ain’t No Mom Jeans blog

Ain’t No Mom Jeans is a blog I’ve recently discovered that has consumed tons of my time lately! From their About page:

Ain’t No Mom Jeans is the fashion and lifestyle blog for moms who know motherhood is the coolest job out there and who like to look and feel their best doing it.  We cover everyday mom style, as well as stretching a non-maternity wardrobe nine long months, disguising a postpartum pooch, nursing-friendly dresses, fashion-forward comfort shoes and the hottest & most functional baby / kid gear on the market.

All things super relevant to my life and my interest in clothes!

Here are a few of their best posts to get you started! They are a new regular in my daily reading list.

3. The Ten on Ten Project

Yesterday I tagged Rebekah of a bit of sunshine in my random things post. Besides being beautiful and crafty and spelling her name the way I wish my parents had decided to spell mine, she has a fabulous photo project called the ten on ten project.

She started the project after receiving a brand new camera in an effort “to help [her] find beauty even when [her] world was so exhausting and hard with two little ones running around.” Those two little ones being babies 16 months apart!

The premise of the project is that on the 10th of the month you take one picture every hour for ten consecutive hours.
ten on ten button

I’m going to try my best to participate tomorrow! With my mom visiting, I hope to catch a few special Bubbie-Carter moments during the day.

4. Attempts at getting Carter to pose for pictures

He’s 18-months old now! Here I am trying to snap a picture at his well baby check-up:

carter at doctors

No interest in mom and the camera whatsoever.

Sometimes he’ll say “cheeeeeese!” and just not look at me…or he’ll say cheese and not smile but give me this look like, “geeze mom, I don’t want to take another picture, put that thing AWAY so I can get this fake smile off my face…”:

carter not smiling

Most of the time, as evidenced above, he’s just too busy for the camera, like when we tried to replicate this:

23 weeks

I’ve been trying to get a belly pic with him holding the chalkboard since I was 19-weeks pregnant and we found out we were having a girl, but the times that my family of 3 is together at one time are few and far between. The times we were I looked like shit, or we just forgot.

Yesterday, since I was in the adorable dress my sister-in-law made for me for my birthday, I tried to use the timer feature on my camera to capture a bump pic and, as you can see, it was a fail.

We’ll try again at 24 weeks when we’ll be home visiting Bubbie and Aunt Ray Ray!

5. Quinoa

I enjoy cooking and have recently been trying to cook with some new, whole foods that will make my meals more nutrient dense and healthy.

I feel like my natural state, pregnant or not, is hungry. Now that I’m mid-way through this pregnancy with all the nausea behind me, I can say, without pause, that I am hungry all. the. time. I have been making C and I more wholesome lunches and have been turning towards healthier, protein-dense breakfast options, too.

Quinoa (pronounced, as the nice lady at my local Whole Foods explained to me, keen-wa), is a vegetarian protein source that is high in fiber and iron. It is grain-like, but is actually a plant. I hadn’t previously tried or cooked with quinoa, but when I found this recipe for strawberry banana quinoa muffins, I knew it was something we had to try.

I purchased the quinoa in bulk at my local Whole Foods for $3.68/lb. All you need for this recipe is 1 cup, and 1lb yielded 3-4 cups from what I recall.

These muffins have a sweet taste and a moist texture. You can definitely tell there’s a non-traditional baking ingredient in them, but my family and I have all enjoyed having them in the house! I used whole wheat flour and didn’t have quite an entire cup of strawberries to use, but I look forward to trying this recipe again once strawberries are in season and I can go pick them myself!

strawberry banana quinoa muffins

With all that leftover quinoa, and since I’ve been craaaaaving all things Asian-food, I have whipped up some vegetable fried quinoa a few times this week.

vegetable fried quinoa

This recipe essentially replaces rice for quinoa.

I cooked whatever vegetables I had on hand – fresh carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and celery and some leftover steamed mixed vegetables consisting of corn, green beans and carrots that I needed to get rid of. I added two eggs I had previously scrambled, the quinoa, paprika, asian style seasoning from my local seasoning shop, pepper, red pepper flakes, ground mustard and soy sauce.

I cooked everything in a big pan, wishing I had a bad ass wok to cook in, and served it up! Carter, Jason and I all really like this meal, and it gives a protein boost to the traditional veggie fried rice dish.

What kinds of things are you loving on this week?


  1. Quinoa muffins?! I would never have thought of that — we make it all the time, but more like a rice or pasta substitute. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been really curious about the Honest Company, too, after I saw it linked over at FinchFound. I’m still trying to make myself switch to cloth, but it looks appealing…

  2. Yea…I was so interested in how adding the quinoa would alter the taste of the muffin, but I’ve found them very tasty! Definitely has a hint of something different in them, but still yummy!

    I feel like the Honest Co’s diapers are a good middle ground between the Pampers I had been using and cloth. They are all-natural, yet still have the convenience of disposable. I registered for some cloth diapers for the new baby, but think I may try it with my son first to see if it’s something I could do. I really want to make the switch, but it’s a scary switch! My family said they’d give it a month, tops. Between the cost savings and the environmentally-friendly nature, I hope they are wrong.


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