he’s so sneaky

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be home for dinner with Jason and Carter. This happens zero times during the week as I work part time in the evenings, so it was pretty awesome.

C clearly says “eat!” now when he’s hungry, which is all the time, so when I heard him chirping “eat! eat! eat!” behind me, I didn’t think much of it. I was finishing up getting his plate ready and was about to pick him up and put him in his highchair for dinner.

But he beat me to it.

I caught him mid-climb up his highchair.

I stood behind and “spotted” him and he managed to climb all the way up and get into the seat, legs in the right places, facing the right direction and repeated his “eat!” chirp as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Fast forward to this morning…

As a stay-at-home mom, we all know that one of the “perks” of this job is getting to use the bathroom with the door open all day long. There’s nothing quite like a toddler who wants to shut the door and be in the dark all 98,798,756 times you pee each day.

And sometimes, those dark bathroom adventures are not complete until he’s dragged in his giant fake ATV and tries to stand on it to turn the “wa-wa” on.

This morning, I ran to the bathroom and quickly realized that I was alone. Not only was I alone, but Carter was quiet.

I can certainly expect some sort of trouble, amiright?!

While I was wondering what he could have grabbed to throw into the dogs water bowl, and seriously considering that his entire body was certainly an option, the last thing I expected when I walked out was to see this…

There he was, sitting in his highchair, only this time he climbed up there without a spotter, which means he definitely could have fallen backwards and cracked his head open.

And yet another morning goes by where I earn “Mom of Year.”

He sat there looking at me with that devilish grin and said, so clearly, “Eat, mama. Egg.”

How could I say no to this face?

So I scrambled him up an egg which he devoured, naturally, and he drank some water before he climbed down and washed his own dishes, changed his own diaper and put himself down for a nap.

He’s a sneaky little superhero kid that continues to surprise me every single day.


  1. omg laughed sooooooooo hard====he is toooooo cute~~~and quite mischievious!!! can’t wait till you have 2!!! :)

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