i love birthdays!

Today is my Laura’s birthday!

I was planning my Facebook wall attack yesterday when I remembered she has no Facebook wall. That makes two of my best friends with no visible Facebook wall. TWO. I won’t mention names, coughlauraandsabrinacough, but seriously, ladies, what gives?

While blogging isn’t really up her alley, she admits to reading mine from time to time (at least that’s what she tells me…) So naturally she’s getting a blog birthday shout-out! Let me tell you about my friend, Laura…

1. We met in high school because I was friends with her brothers. They left for college and Laura and I fell in love. One of them seriously didn’t like that he was competing for friends with his little sister and decided to call my mom and tell her I was a bad friend.

2. In high school we worked at Busch Gardens selling glow necklaces. Our friend Christina was our boss and our other friend Sabrina worked with us, too. We knew all the words to whatever Eminem album was out at the time and called ourselves “glow ho’s.” God only knows why. I’d pay money to be able to post of a pic of us in our uniforms, but instead I have a picture from a pink-themed sex toy party that clearly depicts how gangster we are…

Don’t mess with us.

3. Equally intimidating, is us dressing up for an 80’s party, which we re-created a few years ago to run the Monument Ave 10k after staying up all night taking shots of Southern Comfort for our friend Mike’s birthday.

4. I was a swimmer my entire life. Laura played soccer. Thankfully, we were athletes at the same college AND the two sports were so drastically different we didn’t mind each other constantly bitching about them. This was honest to god a part of my equipment bag, but it looked so much better on Laura on our way home from the bar…

…or in the line waiting to get McDonald’s…

5. After getting yelled at for sucking at a meet, I came home and Laura and I started taking shots of cheap vodka at 4:32pm. We survived long enough to harass recruits at the dining hall, steal a pair of salad tongs and get a Sheetz MTO before we passed out for the night. However, we did think it was cool enough to take a picture of ourselves pointing at the clock…

6. We’ve taken a ton of road trips. From JMU to W&M when it was sleeting outside, to Rutgers, to the Outer Banks…every trip required a road trip mix CD that was full of god awful songs that are only fun to listen to with the volume turned all the way up and you’re singing with your best friend. Think Mariah Carey in her ghetto fabulous days. Or if there was a keg dressed up to be a child in the back seat…

7. Laura doesn’t judge me for my inability to make a straight face in a picture. She doesn’t constantly remind me that I have no chance of being a model, ever, for my always-present cheese grin. And she still tries, time after time, to get me to master the straight face.

8. What Laura does enjoy doing in pictures with me, is paying homage to our adorable friend, Sam, and her ability to always look so blissfully happy in almost every picture she takes. We call it ‘The Sam Face.’ And while we certainly don’t do it justice, we try anyways…

9. We both love wine. I mean loooove wine. And shoes and cute clothes. But definitely wine. I still remember playing a power hour with Franzia and sneaking bags of wine into the movies. And while I won’t swear I’d never sneak a bag of wine into a movie again, I do hope our Franzia days are at least behind us. Especially when we can chug straight from the bottle…the night before my wedding…

10. We laugh together constantly. The laugh-so-hard-you-cry kind of laugh. We get antsy if we go more than a couple days without hearing each others voice, and I for one really miss her not being in the room next door to me. Or even down the street in the same town. We both like TBS chick-flick marathons and think Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett is our other BFF. Getting ready to go out while dancing and taking shots is often times more fun than being out, and we both have lame bedtimes during the week and aren’t embarrassed about it. She makes awesome pineapple meatballs and has taught me that a true friend let’s you make your own decisions and mistakes, and isn’t there to judge you when you realize how crappy that decision really is. We interrupt each other constantly because our stories aren’t likely to change, and therefore both have a problem interrupting others who probably don’t appreciate it. Through bad hair cuts and bad boyfriends and bad decisions, and good ones, too, we’ve been there for each other through it all.

oh…and she’s really, really pretty!

“we made a deal ages ago – men, babies, it doesn’t matter…we’re soulmates.”

Happy birthday, Laura!


  1. I probably just cried in my cube. Damn you Rebecca lol. You are such an amazing friend and I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life!!! (and these pictures are fabulous).

    Sometimes I find myself wishing I could press the “redo” button on a magic controler that would let us re-live some of those amazing times in high school and college where we didn’t have a care in the world and our main goal was soley to have fun in whatever we were doing. Then I think about all the exciting things we have to look forward too in the future ( like you having a baby , and us one day planning family vacations to the beach together :) ) and I get just as excited looking forward to those moments as I am about the ones we were able to share in the past.

    Thanks for the amazing Birthday shout out and I do have 2 requests
    1) the snorkle needs to make a comback
    2) A new CD needs to be made and played pool side for memorial day weekend :)

    LOVE YOU!!

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