maternity fashion lusts

As my belly continues to get bigger, so does my longing to go shopping for cute, spring maternity clothes.

The weather in central NC can’t make it’s mind up between mid-50s and low 70s, so I’ve been happily swapping back and forth between cropped maternity leggings that are actually still too big (!!) and some really comfortable full length leggings that aren’t maternity but still fit quite nicely over my growing bump. Jeans are a problem as my maternity ones are too big but my regular jeans are too small, and insanely uncomfortable to do anything but stand in with my bellaband.

Getting dressed has been quite a challenge of late and I find myself thankful to be able to spend most days in my workout clothes. I even get to work in them!

But I continue to pin away at maternity fashion lusts, and look forward to when warm weather is officially here for good and I can go pick up a few cute pieces to spruce up my wardrobe and accentuate my constantly growing baby belly.

Here are a few of my favorite maternity pieces right now:

ingrid and isabel drape dress

This Ingrid & Isabel dress would be perfect for the May wedding Jason and I are attending! The coral color is even on sale for $39 right now, but I’m not sure of my ability to get any color on my skin before then, so I was thinking grey might be a fun shade to accessorize with bright, colorful jewelry or shoes.

Ingrid & Isabel actually has tons of adorable maternity clothes! I’d love one of everything, please! They are a little outside of my budget for clothes I’ll only wear for a few months, though, but for a special occasion I could see myself making the splurge.

GAP fushia skinny jeans

These skinny jeans from GAP are brightly colored and perfect for spring! They are reasonably priced for maternity jeans…if I’ve learned anything about pants while pregnant it’s that it is totally worth it to splurge on something that will fit you well and keep you comfortable.

One of my conditions prior to getting pregnant this time was the ability to splurge on some great designer jeans for everyday wear. Something dark washed with the ability to transition from day to night with ease. While I haven’t begun my search for the magic pair yet, these jeans from GAP would make an excellent addition to whatever I choose! (any recommendations on great maternity jeans would be greatly appreciated!)

hatch collection hoodie

I’d like one of everything from the HATCH collection maternity line. The hoodie tops the list, I’d probably never take it off, making my cost per wear relatively reasonable, but with a pricetag of $258, it will sadly never find a home in my closet. A girl can dream though, right?

linen wide leg pants

I found these Enza Costa wide leg linen pants while Pinterest-ing one day. They aren’t technically maternity, and they’re sold out, but how fabulously comfortable do they look?

lulu lemon run back on track tank

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about lulu lemon. While browsing their site, I’d love to put some sports bras, yoga pants and athletic jackets on my lust list, too. However, if I have to settle with a taste, I’m opting for the run: back on track tank top. At $64 it’s certainly more than I’d prefer to pay for a workout tank, but the fabric looks very breathable and the length looks long enough to be able to wear now and throughout my pregnancy as well as after. The price per wear would likely make it reasonable, making it highly likely that this baby will be mine in a few weeks!

drawstring neck tunic

I love tunics whether I’m pregnant or not. They hide my tendency to overeat at meals. I love this colorful, patterned one from GAP. And look, they paired it with those fushia skinny jeans I want!

Old Navy has a bunch of light-weight and colorful scarves for $15-17 that I look forward to using to spruce up a plain t-shirt.

I’m also loving the spring collection of jewelry at Stella&Dot. The bib necklaces and earrings are drool-worthy.

Where are your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes? What spring styles are you most excited about slipping on in the warmer months ahead?


  1. Dina @ Honey + Fitz says:

    I TOTALLY support the designer jeans you can live in idea. I was sick about how much I spent on my Joe’s maternity jeans but they were the only pair I bought and I literally lived in them. I wore them 3 times a week easily. Highly recommend. I also am obsessed with Lululemon and actually own the back on track tank. It’s awesome and really roomy so it could totally work for maternity. The store is dangerous, don’t take your credit card in there! Lastly my favorite place for maternity stuff in the area is Love in Bloom. It’s in the same plaza as Which wich

  2. Whoa hold up, Lululemon has STORES? I thought they were online only. I am in TROUBLE.

  3. The Lululemon near where I used to live offered free yoga classes on Sundays! Great place. :) Love those Gap maternity jeans!

  4. They have stores and they are amazing!!! There’s one at North Hills near Total Wine. And it has free yoga on Sunday from 11-12 too. Let me know if you ever want to go :)

  5. I hated maternity clothes. I’m short and apparently they think you get taller when pregnant. The pants never fit me. Tagging you in a game though. It’s much easier than dealing with maternity clothes, lol.

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