MY rundown of a perpetually exhausted procrastinator’s days

An assignment in my blogging internship for the Moms Talk Network involved making a list of 50 blogs with similar themes to mine.

Fifty is a lot, and as someone who is constantly overwhelmed by my Google Reader and could consistently, nap after nap, night after night, get lost in catching up with any one of the blogs I follow, was obviously a little intimidated by this project.

For starters, what is my blog’s theme?

I like making people laugh. I like talking about parenting and motherhood and my crazy child. I enjoy dishing about pregnancy and being real about my opinions.

I love having a place to share pictures and tidbits of my life with family and friends that aren’t subjected to my daily text message onslaught while they are working or trying to take care of two toddler boys.

I enjoy introducing my readers to other women that write more beautifully or more humorously or more poignantly than I could ever hope to.

I’m still really defining who I am in the blogging world and working, hard I might add, at building a network of women (and a few men!) in which to reference as I attempt to make a space for myself here.

Till then, I am adding daily to my list of 50 blogs that I try to read and interact with on a weekly basis. The beauty of this project is that I get to spend time reading, tweeting, commenting and otherwise playing on the internet.

This must be the biggest distraction of all bloggers – at least all bloggers that I can relate to.

You work on the internet. The internet is your playground. You work on your playground. Every day.


Last night I stumbled upon Jill of BabyRabies. I fell in love with her immediately, specifically when I stumbled upon this post. I geek out when I read posts that I feel like I could insert my life into perfectly – or when they capture my thoughts or sentiments on an issue to perfection.

The Rundown of A Perpetually Exhausted Procrastinator’s Days.

It was worthy of another mention, with the full title, just in case you weren’t intrigued by the random “this post” link.

I read through Jill’s day and was both laughing and shaking my head in agreement. Yes, yes and yes.

So I wanted to throw in my two cents. Give you a peek into this perpetually exhausted procrastinator’s day.

5:07am – Like clockwork, bladder, like clockwork. <gets up and pees with eyes shut so that I can hopefully immediately fall back asleep and pretend this didn’t happen>

6:33am – Why can’t my 30-year old husband set and respond to his own alarm clock?! J – wake up.

6:43am – J – wake up.

6:53am – J…….it’s almost 7. Wake up. Please god let Carter sleep till 7:30. That’s all. 7:30.

7:03am – <overheard on monitor> “Mama?” Greeeeat. Jason, WAKE UP.

8-ish am – I really shouldn’t make coffee. The stupid Skinny Bitch authors say it’s the devil. The caffeine really is horrible for my baking baby girl. I’ll go with tea. Yep, tea. And carbs. Lots of carbs.

30 minutes later – OKKKKKKKK, one cup of coffee.

For the next 2 hours I’m chasing C around the house, fervently cleaning my kitchen, destroying laundry, disinfecting everything in site, reading 8 million books, playing airplane, making dinosaur noises and pretty much being the world’s most awesome multi-tasker in the history of ever.

10:30am – Carter’s down, I’m wide awake (kind of…) and I can conquer the world. That to-do list is mine. But first, let me check out a blog lesson for my internship and plan a post for tomorrow.

1:30pm – Oh crap…Carter’s awake, 3 hours went by, I’ve blogged, tweeted, read and peed through an entire 3 hour nap. But I didn’t finish a lesson for my internship in its entirety. And I only really got one real post written, accompanied by a lot of pinning and a lot of online shopping.

2:00pm – What can we do that will get us outside? Is it nice enough to go outside? I wish Carter was old enough to watch a movie so I could kinda nap. I’m exhausted. Okkkk…let’s get in the stroller and go run/walk to the park. I’ll workout, get more exhausted, struggle through coaching and go to bed early tonight. I swear to god I’ll go to bed early tonight.

5:00pm – Ah, chlorine and a hot pool deck…heaven…

sometime between 8 and 9pm – I’m so effing tired. Lemme shovel dinner and dessert (oohh, just a little more dessert) into my mouth and then I’m going to bed. (DVR begins magically, telepathically speaking to me…) It’s Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Friday! <insert any smutty tv show on any given night> is on! I’ll just sit on the couch and watch just one show, catch up on some email, read a few blogs and then go to bed in an hour.

11:00pm – Dammit, it’s getting late.

11:30pm – At least I know, thank god, who Bachelor Ben picked and what happened to those Pretty Little Liars this week. I swear I’ll go to bed as soon as I get home from work tomorrow night…

Rinse and repeat, my friends, rinse and repeat.


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