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Boo-yah! Two posts today! My house is still a mess and I’ve been in workout clothes for 3 hours and my only exercise has been getting up for more coffee, but whatever.

I am really excited to share about a new shopping website that I have recently become obsessed with. Partially because they give me store credit for waking up in the morning, but mostly because it’s awesome.

Rachel Zoe first emailed me (and only me, right?) about Open Sky a few weeks ago. I checked it out, fell in love, sent a mass invite to everyone I knew that liked to shop to join, too, and started compiling a massive wishlist of everything I wanted.

On Open Sky you chose curators to follow in one or all of several categories: food, style, health and design. Experts, celebrities, bloggers, fitness guru’s and people I’ve never heard of bring you deals on products ranging from scarves and knee-high boots to nut butter, granola, dishes and home decor. Everything’s discounted, some stuff more than others, and price points range from high to low.

I’ve made two purchases from Open Sky thus far. I got this adorable Halloween doormat from curator Julie Morgenstern, the “Queen of Putting People’s Lives in Order.”

It’s a 18×30″ bleached coir doormat that I paid a total of $10.96 for. Without the credits it would have been $27, still a decent price for the durability of this mat.

Julie currently has 7 Baggu zip bags on sale for $34! I’ve been obsessed with these bags since Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP’d me about them over the summer.

I also purchased some all-natural cleaning supplies by Sapadilla posted by curator and vegan mom extraordinaire Alicia Silverstone. The 3-pack included dish soap, counter cleaner and all-purpose cleaner, and the sale price was $27 for the 3 16oz bottles. With my credits, I paid $1.96.

The fresh grapefruit smell has been such a pleasant alternative to the chemical-y wipes that I had gotten addicted to. I’m making a transition towards more green cleaning, and these cleaning supplies have really helped make it a natural transition. Did you like that? So natural.

Alicia has posted sales on snack bars, ballet flats and facial cleansers, too.

I’ve gotten emails about earrings, dresses, cotton t-shirts, kids toys, ear phones, necklaces, cookware and snacks. You chose which curators you follow so you only see the sales about things that interest you.

Unfortunately, almost everything on the site interests me so I’m tempted all. the. time.

It’s a pretty cool concept and helps to personalize the “daily deal” sites that seem to be popping up everywhere.

And did I mention how generous they are on the credits? Just yesterday I was given a 48-hour window to take advantage of a $10 credit. I’m trying to decide between the Baggu bags and a DIY natural home cleaning kit.


Which would you choose?

What are some of your favorite flash sale or daily deal sites?

*I was not offered any incentive by Open Sky to write this post. It was brought to you purely by my love of the site and the products I have purchased from them. But in case you want to join, please, let them know I sent you!


  1. DIY cleaning kit!! :)

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