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So with the holidays upon us, we’re starting to have all those holiday newsletters rolling in. People’s “best of’s” and highlight reels that shows the pretty and polished side to their otherwise messy and chaotic life.  I devour every word of every newsletter we receive, even when they are extended relatives of my husband’s that I’ve never met. I want to hear about every luxury box seat they bought and Caribbean vacation they took. I finish them and tell J all about where our next vacation should be until he reminds me that we’ve had three major appliances break that needed to be 100% replaced in the last 6 months and our definition of “exotic” will be to go to a sushi restaurant where they don’t have BOGO rolls. Living L-A-R-G-E.

If I had to give you my family’s polished and pretty yearly update, it would simply say the following:

Our biggest news is we added to our family! Ashlyn Lora was born on July 4th. Rebecca’s adjusting to being a mom of 2 beautifully. Jason hit the big 3-0 this year and we celebrated with lots of his closest friends. Carter turned 2 and was so pleased to receive lots of trains. He is really into Thomas the Tank Engine and the Cars movie. We vacationed in TWO different parts of North Carolina and visited our family in Georgia and Virginia several times. Rebecca is still coaching swimming and Jason is enjoying his work-at-home job in the clinical research industry. We’re healthy and happy and excited for what 2013 has in store for us!

In reality, our year went something like this…

Rebecca spent the first half of 2012 pregnant. She really hates being pregnant. During this pregnancy, she ran a half marathon, did a lot of eating and DD-ing, and gained a crapload of weight (again). She also introduced her not quite 2-year old to tv, something she feels not the slightest bit guilty about. Jason turned 30 and celebrated by acting like he was turning 21. His friends also didn’t get the memo that he’s been buying his own liquor for 9 years and NOT taking shots of Goldshlagger for at least 5 years as they fully stocked our bar with “birthday presents.” We spent a long weekend with our best friends and J’s parents in Oak Island, North Carolina where we all contracted a stomach virus and Carter puked in the car for the first time in his short life.

Our biggest news is we added to our family! Ashlyn Lora was born on July 4th, of course, since Rebecca said upon receiving a July 7th due date that the only day she DIDN’T want the baby coming was on Independence Day. She looks forward to explaining to Carter why he doesn’t get fireworks for his birthday every year. Rebecca had a successful, all-natural VBAC thanks in large part to the f-word and waiting till it was almost too late to get to the hospital. Rebecca thinks being a mom of 2 that are 22 months apart is about as easy as her drug-free labor was.

first family pic as 4

Carter talks a mile a minute and has a new catch phrase every couple of weeks. Mom’s favorite is “no” and Dad prefers “stop it,” but hearing him say, “I love you” is one of the coolest things J and I have both ever experienced. He is 100mph from the moment he wakes up till he falls asleep and sometimes asks for time-outs himself, likely because he’s used to spending so much time there. Disciplining him has gone over as well as a fart in church, and I mainly used that metaphor because he giggles when he farts and Jason really likes fart jokes. We’re all maturing quite nicely over here.

carter as thomas

Ashlyn hates sleeping, growing hair and anything that involves leaving Mom’s arms. She likes to watch her brother be his normal crazy self and spends a lot of time laughing and smiling at him. I’m trying to enjoy these moments now because I’m certain they won’t always be so loving to each other.

We vacationed with Becca’s family to the Outer Banks this summer and will never again attempt a beach trip 6 weeks after having a baby. Otherwise, it was awesome. Carter and Levi, at only 3 weeks apart, get along beautifully and we spend lots of time talking about the trouble they will be getting into together one day.

levi, carter and town

The fall holidays came and went, along with Rebecca’s sanity, and here we are again in December…where we begin the season of sending our relatives their birthday presents late.

We have so much to look forward to in 2013!

Jason is hoping to not have to replace another expensive household appliance while Rebecca is hoping to stop drowning in her sea of messy hair and dirty laundry and maybe get around to seriously training for the really long triathlon she stupidly signed up for. We both hope to continue being gainfully employed at our current jobs…J to pay the bills and Becca to keep being able to shop the sale page on 30% off your total purchase days at Gap.com.

Ashlyn will be on the move soon and one day in 2013 we hope to only have 1 kid in diapers. Our only other hope for Carter is that he doesn’t break any bones or say any curse words in front of the wrong crowd.

And that they both stay healthy and so stinkin’ adorable!


From our (crazy and chaotic) family to yours…happy holidays!



  1. An old friend says:

    Hi Rebecca, I’m not sure I’ve found the right person, but believe i have. Did you happen to go to Dutrow elementary in newport news for a couple years?

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