so there we are

Hi there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Remember back in early November when I promised to write every day for a month? That went the same direction as most diets I partake in, my last relationship before my husband and any attempts to get myself on a schedule with housework. Starts off strong, has so much potential, and then, POOF! Nothing.


I apologize to any one who got really excited to hear from me more often. I’m really bad at committing to things. I’m sometimes flaky and very, very distracted.

I considered shutting down my blog. I would think of posts that people would find interesting, amusing, informative and/or funny and then direct my attention to something else so that I wouldn’t have time to write.

I was purposely avoiding my little blog here in an effort to maintain my sanity while juggling a part-time job that has somehow gotten increasingly more demanding, a full-time 15-month old that has also gotten increasingly more demanding, a holiday season that gets more demanding every year and baking another baby.

Say what?! Yep, then that happened. We found out we were expecting again!

I won’t say that this pregnancy was unexpected, but it’s still a little shocking when plans become reality. When something you spent awhile talking about becomes something you are now experiencing.

So now I’m pregnant, and I can’t help but think, given the state of my first pregnancy, how helpful and amusing (and, let’s be honest, super sarcastic…) some posts may be on being preggo with a toddler and juggling two children on top of my own personal craziness.

So there we are! While my posts were sparse my nausea certainly wasn’t.

Welcome to round 2!


  1. Laura Wright says:

    Rebecca!!! Congratulations to you and Jason! So super happy and excited for you. :)

  2. congratulations! that’s so exciting!

  3. Congratulations Becca! Amazing news! B is 14 months and we’re not there yet in terms being ready for a second, so for now, I’ll need to relive the first trimester vicariously through you!

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