state of a pregnancy: 25 weeks

So we’ve hit the big 2-5. This pregnancy is flying by at a pace that makes me super uncomfortable considering all that still needs to be done before the little miss makes her appearance.

Jason and I are making huge life changes at a rapid pace…or, in other words, everything is status quo with us. In the next couple of weeks he’s starting a new job and we’re closing off our two story foyer and making it into a study.

Home renovations and dealing with new insurance crap at my OB’s – a perfect way to ring in that third trimester if I do say so myself.

The rapid pace of this pregnancy is only one of the thousands of reasons why this time around feels so much different than being pregnant with C. The constant peeing and lack of sleep feels familiar…but Carter is keeping me active constantly and I just feel, different.

More accepting? I think J would say that’s a stretch considering my mood swings…but I have been making an effort at appreciating everything my body is doing right now. It really is amazing how the female body actually makes tiny humans.

I can’t possibly eat enough fruit. One day last week I ate an entire pineapple and a pint of blueberries. I have fruit smoothies almost daily and pop mandarin oranges like they are pieces of candy. I bake a lot more now and have been enjoying making healthier things as well as delicious, bad for me but I’ll eat 10 in one night anyways things – like the coconut chocolate chip cookies I baked on Sunday that are now, 3 days later, completely gone.

Blame the pregnant girl plenty…but my husband and son are not off the hook with this one!

I’ve been fervently reading about organic pregnancies and greener living with a baby. While I’ve taken a lot of steps to eat more organically and make our living environment a little more natural, I have yet to consistently cut out my morning cup of coffee. My toddler is just too active and my part-time job too demanding of my energy. I drink decaf green tea during the day, but I just can’t let that morning cup go. I feel guilty about it, but it is what it is. Nobody’s perfect.

I’m on a mission to get my home life a bit more organized and, of course, working on getting Carter’s big boy room and the little miss’s nursery done. My day-to-day during nap time is a series of projects, snacking and house work that is consistently interrupted by the internet and a lack of energy and focus.

Saying Carter is full of energy is such an understatement I almost laughed out loud to myself while typing it. Want to keep your weight in check while pregnant? Get knocked up with an 18-month old running around. This kid is cray cray to the max. Super cute, fearless and a chatterbox – but absolutely insane with energy.

Our nameless baby girl keeps reminding me daily that she’s just as feisty as her brother was at this time – and those little kicks never cease to be an amazing connection to my daughter.


  1. you just have to be reasonable about it, and it’s your decision to make. caffeine doesn’t have any nutrirional value, but neither do pickles or a million other things that pregnant women crave (and cave to) I drank caffeinated beverages with my first two pregnancies and I am with my third now. both of my sons were born healthy, with good appetites, healthy sleep patterns and no behavioral problems. there are so many things that impact fetal development (most of which science hasn’t touched on) As long as you are making an informed decision, you are aware of the possible consequences and you taking responsiblity for your decions. I get migraines and I am way more comfortable drinking a cup of coffee than taking migraine medicine to take the edge off.


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