state of a pregnancy: 28 weeks

Since we last discussed this pregnancy three weeks ago, our family has taken a week long trip to Virginia, added a new room to our home, started a new job, lost every ounce of motivation to stay on top of daily tasks and tackle projects and are currently battling a “very bad case” of hand, foot and mouth disease in one 19-month old.

No one ever wants to hear “very bad case” and “disease” in the same sentence, ever, but fortunately in this case, the skin rash that Carter is suffering through is pretty common for kids and will just kind of go away on it’s own.

In the meantime, I’m in my 3rd trimester with no cute belly shots to show you because I have no motivation to do anything aside from make lists of things I need to do.

Remember, friends, I’m a planner, not a do-er. Despite all my efforts to sport my cape and be a super mom, I haven’t been able to harness my energy after (if I’m lucky…) 6 hours of frequently interrupted sleep and actually get shit done.

I’m behind on my assignments for my internship and haven’t graced you fine folks with my presence in quite some time and I have nothing to show for it but 2 loads of clean laundry that have been sitting, unfolded, on the chairs in my living room for 3 days and a really extensive project plan, complete with associated budget, for all the shit that has to go down before our little girl arrives.

If there was ever a time to magically stumble upon 30-hour days and an untapped source of funds, now would be the time.

My second pregnancy has gone a little something like this…

Constantly tired and with a back ache.

Constantly craving fruit, Asian food and cereal.

Constantly over to-do listing myself throughout the day and getting next to nothing accomplished.

Constantly stressed and constantly frustrated with my husband.

Constantly wishing I could just take a nap.

Constantly cuddling with my son and telling him I love him. Over and over and over and over.

Constantly being overwhelmed with love when my daughter kicks and dances and realizing that no matter how much I hate being pregnant, there is no replicating the feeling of your child thriving and growing inside of you.

Constantly peeing. (duh…)

Constantly reminding myself to take a deep breath and enjoy where I’m at.

And on that note, here are some of my favorite pictures from the afternoon we spent with my in-laws for Easter.

There’s nothing more important to me than spending this kind of time with my little (growing!) family.

And we finally got a new family picture!

Here’s us at 18-weeks pregnant (after I completed a half marathon!!)

…and at 28-weeks…

We clean up nice, right?


  1. Your family is beautiful! Oh gosh, I remember trying to get things done when I was pregnant and had a little one, seemed nearly impossible. Besides, every free moment is spent going to the bathroom and trying to get some sleep despite the fact you have to get up every two hours to go to the bathroom. You’re doing fine :)

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