welcome back!

So another writing hiatus has come and gone and while you probably haven’t known what to do with yourself without the snarky commentary on my life and adorable pictures of my son, I trust that you have all managed to get by somehow.

Thank you, my dear readers, for your patience!

As you can see, things are looking pretty different around here! I’ve been working pretty hard on a blog re-design and have been working on an editorial calendar of sorts to keep my posts more consistent and to get all this garbage out of my head in a more timely manner.

Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I never get tired of my mom telling me how funny I am and how great I write, and, as I approach 8 months of pregnancy, I’ll take every single compliment I can get!

Since I’ve been gone, we’ve all been bombarded by the mommy wars thanks to that pesky TIME article, and as I refrained from writing about it and chose, much to my husband’s dismay, to simply rant to him, I will share one of my favorite responses to the article.

My belly AND my toddler have gone on a major growth spurt and I’ve almost managed to complete one entire project on my sewing machine while my kid’s rooms lay in a perpetual state of half-way done and my “things to buy” list grows and grows and grows along with the scowl on Jason’s face.

All jokes aside, he’s been such a rock star transforming Carter’s nursery into a new space for our daughter! Painting, framing, shelf-building…all done. The pretty, decorative things that I’m responsible for? Not done.

Carter continues to grow like a weed, similar to my weight, and has now become quite independent with a touch of sass. I wonder who he gets that from…

Here’s a pic of us from our second mother’s day together. He doesn’t really like sitting still, so our pictures like this don’t always turn out the best, but you can see how he’s certainly not a baby anymore. 21 months have gone by entirely too fast.

carter and i

And as he calls for me over the baby monitor after blessing me with a sleep-in till 8:45am (gasp!!!!), I’ll leave you with a promise to not be such a stranger.

Drop a comment and let me know how you’ve been!


  1. I think the website looks fantastic! And hang in there in this last month! :)

  2. Thanks, Meredith!

  3. I’m glad I came directly to your blog today — none of your new posts since the change have shown up in my Google Reader! So happy you didn’t drop off the face of the earth.

  4. Oh no! I’ll have to look into that tonight – thanks for letting me know, Courtney! I’m getting ready to have a baby but trying hard not to fall off the face of the Earth :)

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