we’re (un)expecting!

So after four short, wonderful months of marriage, I am happy to announce that J and I are expecting a baby-Reed in early September! Being pregnant has been a whirlwind. Yes, already. Emotions have been outta’ control. Excited one day, terrified the next.

To start, I’ll address the obvious. The new blog layout. I’ve wanted to get serious about blogging for a while now but as my sporadic brain would have it, I could never think of a theme of topics to consistently write about. For months I blogged about my wedding, photography, fashion, my thirst for knowledge and random life rants. All these things had one thing in common, I loved talking about them. Me, and probably only me.

Little known fact: writing has been a passion of mine for a while. An untapped passion because, until I began blogging, I only wrote when I spilled my emotions to friends and family in sappy cards and notes. I’ve dreamed about being a writer for, well, ever. Not only have I done nothing to improve my skills, but I’ve done nothing to even take a step towards realizing that dream.

Here’s that step!

I’m pregnant now. IN-SANE. I have 6.5 more months to navigate through the unknown…a dark, scary jungle of unknowns full of weight gain and raging hormones. Also full of buying new maternity clothes and exercising with a baby bump. I can still write about fashion, about exercise, about photography I adore and about life’s uncertainties, inconsistencies and surprises. They all affect pregnant women!

Long story short, I got knocked up and discovered a blog theme!

I plan on being honest. Brutally honest. This is your disclaimer now if you find out things about me you didn’t really want to know. I apologize in advance and promise I’m just human. I’m going to speak from the heart and be frank and sincere about my thoughts and feelings on every topic I choose to blog about. Disclaimer complete.

I look forward to sharing this journey with my readers. I look forward to doing ‘wants of the week’ with a new twist and documenting J and I’s experience with nursery furniture shopping (it’s already began…) and baby books FULL of fascinating information.

So there you have it. Big news! In a few days I’ll post the answers to a slew of questions I’ve already gotten too many times to count. Lots of exciting, unexpected changes are happening both in my life and on the blog and I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me…I promise to make it an insightful and amusing ride.


  1. Jon Deutsch says:


  2. aw that is so exciting!! congrats!!

  3. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you will do great, i am sure. i KNOW the same thing will happen to me whenever i end up getting married. probably even sooner:)

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