why i blog

It’s been yet another long gap of time since I’ve posted anything on the blog, mainly because I’ve been adjusting to life as a mother of one crazy two year old and a newborn baby. I have a tendency to get hella distracted when I have to do anything on the computer. I may need to hop on to check on a check depositing and all of a sudden I know my husband’s friend is pregnant, my GAP shopping cart has over $300 in it, I’ve pinned all sorts of “projects” for my toddler and 2 hours have gone by.

Meanwhile we have no clean sleepers for the baby and our kitchen floor looks like our dog gave herself a haircut on it. Speaking of hair, lord only knows what’s going on up there on any given day. It’s a hot mess. Hot. Mess.

I asked myself, again, if I wanted to return to blogging. I definately do NOT have the time for it right now, but I also don’t know how long the shred of sanity I’m still clinging to will remain should I have to keep all this motherhood-related snarkiness and general ridiculousness that takes place on a daily basis when it’s just the kids and I inside.

I blog for these reasons:

  • It’s cheaper than therapy – seriously though, when you blog true things, sometimes it’s scary, but you will inevitably find someone else on the internets who has not only gone through what you’ve been through, but probably worse. So that helps. Plus I know my husband already thinks I talk too much as it is. Blogging helps me get some words out without him wanting to go all Picasso on his ears.
  • My kids are ridiculous, and those of you with ridiculous kids need to know there are others out there dealing with the same completely ridiculous things you are. Yes, even my 2-month old is ridiculous. I swear she says more with those sassy eyes of hers than I care to even hear spoken out loud. I already think we’re going to have our hands full with this one.
  • It allows me to play on the internets while I convince myself I’m compiling content for future posts.
  • It’s something to do that isn’t cleaning, laundry-ing, pinning DIY projects I’ll never complete AND, most importantly, doesn’t involve diapers or anything that may or may not be contained in them.

If I could get paid to blog, that’d be fantastic, but I really don’t have the attention span or the time to do what it takes to make my blog anything more than something my family, close friends and the people who want to keep tabs on how amazingly glamorous my life is take a peek at from time to time when they are putting off doing something more important on the internet…like their job.

And I’m ok with that.

I like to rant and vent. I like to tell you my opinion on things related to parenting and being a mom. I like to tell you stories about my life that are probably TMI. Sorry in advance.

I like all those things…like genuinely like to do them almost as much as I like to drink wine and sleep (two activities I haven’t gotten to do nearly enough as of late…). So I blog.

I blog because I think my amazing VBAC birth story could inspire someone to consider going for a natural birth one day. I blog because who else am I going to talk to about teaching my son to say “mama, you beautiful” and it being the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard? On the same note, he says “dammit” with more frequency than I care to admit.

I blog because on some days at home I’ve actually been a productive parent and come up with fun and creative things for Carter to do, so why not share them? I also find some really funny blogs and websites to read from time to time and like to share those, too. I blog because it’s sometimes easier than posting pictures on Facebook.

And speaking of Facebook, I blog because I know no one really wants to read a status update that goes something like this:

“I wasted the first 8 minutes of Ashlyn’s 12 minute nap shopping for things online that I won’t end up buying and the second I walked my ass in the kitchen to clean, she woke up. It’s like she said without saying, “you don’t REALLY want to wash those dishes or vacuum that floor without a 12 pound baby strapped to your body, do you, crazy?!” Meanwhile, I suck at building train tracks for my son and if I hear the theme song for Thomas the Train one more time I might throw myself out of my living room window. I’m passive aggressively mad at my husband for getting to go spend 2 days with his friends doing something cool like Tough Mudder without a diapered butt anywhere in sight. It’s not cool, and I won’t act on it, but the fact that I’m thinking about the bitterness makes me feel guilty. I really need coffee. I HATE this presidential election crap.”

You know what happens to people who post shit like that on Facebook? I make fun of them to Jason. But I bet if you’re still reading this post, you read that paragraph and, at the very least, totally agreed with me about how annoying the Thomas the Train song AND the presidential election both are.

So that’s why I blog. What do you do that helps maintain your sanity?





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