wishes do come true

I think I recall my husband bringing this to my attention in one of my half-asleep hazes on the couch one night while he perused The Consumerist, and by half-asleep haze I mean it was probably 8:30, I had done nothing but sit at a desk all day and maybe take a walk and I had been complaining since I walked in the door that I was exhausted, so it’s amazing he was still even attempting to communicate with me…but today Shauna Glenn reminded me yet again of how much she rocks by posting on Aiming Low about these beauties:

**Single serve wine glasses…**

…in other words, “juice boxes for winos.

The possibilities are really endless, especially if they expand the selection. Can’t wait for these bad boys to hop across the pond and show up on the shelves of my local Target!


  1. I would totally buy that.

  2. I’m all over this! Too bad Oklahoma won’t even sell liquor in our grocery stores (ya know… because it’s still 1920 and all…)

    p.s. stop by the blog today! We’re doing a little giveaway!

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